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All things new...

Next week marks our two year anniversary since moving into our new shop - thanks so much for all of your support - we really appreciate it and love supplying you with an array of fab fresh produce each week.

We had a ‘potato’ alert arrive from one of our suppliers last week – it’s a funny and potentially great time of the year for humble potato. As last season’s crop is coming to their end the stock starts to dwindle, prices increase and some of the produce is a bit ‘sprouty’ with them going to seed. However, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end and this also means the start for new potatoes coming into stock. They are delicious at the moment and in the Borough and Fox family house Paul made a ‘brilliant’ potato salad this week using some boiled new pots with their skin on, some grated kohlrabi which also looking majestic at the moment, some pickles from the ‘dresser shelf’ in the shop, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, fresh parsley, plenty of wholegrain mustard and lashings of mayo.

The recent warmer weather is good news for the asparagus fans – there’s been a really slow start to the season (which officially should start on St George’s Day – 23 April!) but things have all been a bit stunted this season with the excessive wet and the lack of warmth has meant it has been growing a bit wonky and not ready for harvesting. Hoping to have more in the shop over the coming weeks…

I'm unashamed to admit I'm now a Masterchef fan - Paul has finally worn me down – sometimes we know what’s ingredients have featured in recent episodes even before watching as there will be high demand in the shop for certain items – particularly fennel, celeriac and radicchio. We’re up to date with the most recent series and we took the opportunity to try out some of the recipes that featured – the absolute star of the show was griddled leeks with romesco sauce - roasted peppers with their skins on, plenty of garlic, almonds, olive oil, loads of smoked paprika – all blitzed up together.

Finally, we're excited to launch a new product to celebrate the delicious heritage tomatoes in season - we've teamed up with our friends from Grace + James to launch a delicious DIY heritage tomato and burrata salad kit delivered direct to your door! More info here.

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